About CRG

We are a 100% Australian owned company. Our policy is to continue our tradition as a specialist developer and keenly competitive manufacturer of specialised coated products to our ever increasing compliment of customers.

Through extensive research and development in conjunction with our coating expertise and reclamation and experience, we have developed a range of superior colour coated products for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We are committed to further developing and increasing our range of products and look forward to introducing them commercially in the future.

Our coloured glass products such as Safetygrip, Pool Crystels, Exposed aggregates, Floor and wall spray render,  decorative garden and pot plant glass all have a AAA rating environmentally as the glass used is 100% recycled. The use of this product prevents this material from going to landfill and just as importantly reduces aggregates being mined out of the ground.

With a variety of colours and the reflective beauty of glass, these contemporary products create a stunning vibrant finish to any surface. Applying colour to glass aggregate allows the surrounding colour to reflect through the crystal and therefore display the colour. The colour retention of Coloured Recycled Glass Aggregate is unequalled, as it’s specifically designed to compensate for surface degradation based on the unique transparent glass substrate which allows the surface colour to be completely removed without losing the colour appearance. Developed and manufactured in Australia, Coloured Recycled Glass Aggregates are the best glass coated products on the market today.


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  • Citywide are the main contractors for Roads and Pavements throughout the metropolis of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Coloured Recycled Glass manufactured by Coloured Recycled Glass Pty /Ltd has become the accepted aggregate topping for Bus lanes, Bicycle lanes, Demarcation on pathways, pavements in Australia. The coloured recycled glass has excellent colour retention and durability, it also stands out visually which is of...

    Long Tran, Senior Project Engineer


  • My company, Pool Coating Systems (Australasia) Pty Ltd, has been dealing with Coloured Recycled Glass for the past nine years using their coloured glass product in swimming pool and water feature linings. When approached by Mr. Vincent Caddy with this new coating medium, we were immediately impressed with the aesthetic appeal it added to the bland structural integrity of our...

    Pool Coating Systems Australasia
    David Kinghorn, Director

    Pool Coated Systems (Australasia)

  • Transcrete Reinforcing and Building Supplies are currently distributing the crystal coat products and systems into the surface coating, floor coating and surface finish markets throughout Victoria and South Australia. We believe the product has unique and outstanding qualities, superior colour retention, slip resistance, modern colours and textures, superior strength and is still affordable.

    Jeff Wright

    Business development Manager, Testimonial Transcrete

  • Our Company has used CRG products and systems with outstanding success. Crystal coat was applied to the surface of stairways on the Spirit of Tasmania vessels and Road Laver Arena home of the Australian Open. Over 12 months, 3 million people walk over these surfaces and once again crystal coat has showed no signs of deteriorating.

    Testimonial Way Out evacuation Systems
    Neil McInnes

    Managing Director, Way Out evacuation Systems