Coloured glass aggregates provide a range of colours that are not possible using mined aggregates.

The glass aggregates are completely coated on all sides, the glass possesses a clear matrix, so even if the top coating is worn away, the underlying colour on all of the facets of the glass reflect through the clear matrix, much like a prism.

Added to this, the glass filters out the U/V to the underlying sides thus adding to the longevity of colour retention.

Coloured glass aggregates have an A rating environmentally as the glass used is 100% recycled, added to a binder that is environmentally friendly water based.

The glass aggregate is developed from recycled glass using a crushing system combined with a tumbling process in order to remove any sharp edges and shape the glass. The use of this product prevents this material from going into landfill and just as importantly reduces aggregates being mined out of the ground.

Add coloured glass aggregates to your next exposed aggregate or polished concrete job for a new and exciting look.

Choose your colours to compliment the surrounds, match your company colours for a dramatic foyer entrance or give your driveway a splash of colour.

Whether inside or outdoors make a statement with colourful terrazzo finishes, exposed aggregate slabs or colour coded pathways – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Application process is very simple – just seed the coloured glass aggregates into the slab between the Screen/Trowel process and the Bull Float/ Finish.

Coloured recycled glass aggregates are a very cost effective idea for decorating shopping centres, Office blocks, courtyards and almost any area were you are considering pouring concrete.

Coloured recycled Glass Aggregates added to precast concrete structures, panels, walls, benchtops that are being exposed or polished add a colourful decorative finish.

Concrete and Masonry pavers added with coloured recycled glass aggregates create a vibrant surface finish.

Coloured recycled glass aggregates add colour to landscaping as aggregate mulch for garden beds, for roofscape areas, pot plants, aquariums’, etc.

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